Monday, September 28, 2009

A Sunday drive, Morning hike and Blackhawk

I decided that since I have some catching up to do, that I would just do it all in one post.

Last Sunday, Brad and I took a Sunday drive up Provo Canyon. It is so pretty up there! We went up South Fork and then to Big Springs. It took my breath away. It was gorgeous! We are so lucky to be surrounded by these beautiful colors. And I honestly never remember it being this pretty.

Last Wednesday, after going up the canyon on Sunday. We decided to hike up to Big Springs. It was a beautiful hike and I had never done it before. It was fun! The colors again were amazing!
My cute boy :)

Brad's parents decided to go up to Blackhawk this weekend so Brad and I decided to join them on Sunday. Provo canyon is pretty, but I've never seen ANYTHING like Payson canyon. It was AMAZING!!! We had a great time up there, and like always, we didn't want to come home! We enjoyed the nice weather, went on some walks, and took LOTS of pictures!!!

This is Brad's niece, Getti. She was our entertainment for the night! She had us all laughing so hard! What a funny girl!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Better late than never!

I went camping with Brad and his family for Labor Day weekend again! It was so much fun! We went up on Friday and just hung out and waited for everyone to get there. Then, on Saturday we just took it easy and played games. We listened to the BYU game and it was awesome. It was a great night! Then, on Sunday we went fishing, we went to a different lake than before and I swear that EVERYONE caught a fish except me! I have never caught a fish! I was a little sad! I was also sad because I had to leave early. After dinner I had to go home because my family was going to Lagoon on Monday. I was sad to leave, but was happy to go with my family to Lagoon. I love watching the kids on the rides.The beautiful Blackhawk moon
Brad watching the game

Brad and I :)
Beautiful reflectionMy sad face since I couldn't catch a fish :(
Brad caught a fish!
These deer were just across the lake from us
Nash and Boston at Lagoon

Halle and Sadie at Lagoon

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A fun ride in Brad's truck

Ever since Brad got his truck, Halle and Gray have been wanting to go on a ride in it because of the sweet seats that fold down in the back. Last week, they helped me pass out flyers for work, so I told them that their prize was taking them to get ice cream in Brad's truck. We went and picked Halle up from school and went to Wendy's. I sure do love these kids. Thanks Brad for taking us!"Brad's truck"
Sitting in the back of Brad's truck!