Monday, November 17, 2008

I saw this on my friends blog and thought it would be fun!

8 shows i love to watch
1 The Hills
2 The Office
3 Friends
4 Jon and Kate + 8
5 24
6 How I Met Your Mother
7 American Idol
8 So You Think You Can Dance

8 places i love to eat
1 my parents house
2 bajio
3 costa vida
4 zupas
5 Joe Veras
6 Olive Garden
7 Bamboo Hut
8 Wingers

8 things that happened yesterday
1 I slept in
2 Went to church
3 wrote a note
4 celebrated my dad's and my nephew nash's birthday
5 ate yummy dinner with my family and yummy cake
6 missed someone
7 hung out with B-rad:)
8 went to bed

8 things that i am looking forward to
1 finding a NEW job
4 doing all of the fun christmas things with brad
5 Christmas break (not for me, for Brad, then we'll have a break from his BUSY schedule)
6 putting up our christmas decorations
7 farr better pepperment ice cream
8 spending time with people i love

8 things i love about fall
1 the cooler weather
2 the changing of leaves
3 warm clothes
4 hot chocolate
5 snuggling by the fire
6 almost christmas time
7 taking pictures
8 leaf drives

8 things on my wish list
1 a new job
2 all of my family and friends to be healthy and safe
3 a new camera
4 go somewhere out of the country
5 see the world
6 go a day without worrying about anything
7 being the best dental assistant
8 learn something new

Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Pictures!

A few saturday's ago we got family pictures! I think they turned out really good! Here are a some. sorry there's kind of a lot!
Papa and Jojo with all the grandkids! Gray, Sadie, Halle, Nash and Boston

The girls! This was sure fun! From top to bottom: Halle, Krista, Rachael, Katie, my mom, me

The boys: Eric, my dad, Jason, Brett
me :)
The three babies Sadie, Nash, BostonNash and BostonThe whole familySo cute! Hall, Nash and GrayBoston is the cutest boy ever!

they look like models!