Friday, February 26, 2010

Jazz vs. Bobcats

Brad and I went to the Jazz game on Wednesday and it was so much fun! It was a little frustrating because they weren't playing very good and I thought the were going to lose. But, they pulled it off and it was awesome! I love going to Jazz games. It's so much more fun being there than watching it on t.v. Here are some pictures from our great night!Us in our Jazz get up!
Before the game
The legends
Awesome intro
We won!!!
Post game

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's better than flowers...

In the year and a half Brad and I have been dating, he has never given me flowers. He tells me they just die. And I tell him, but they're SO pretty! So instead of flowers, he gives me chocolate. Which, who doesn't like chocolate? I am a typical girly girl, so as most girls, I LOVE getting flowers. So I occasionally "hint" to him that I would love to get flowers, and that they're so pretty. It never works. He did attempt to give me flowers when I graduated from MATC, but he gave me ice cream instead. Who can complain about that, not me! So I thought this Valentines would be different. I hoped that he would MAYBE get me flowers. Did he, nope. But, I finally realized something. Something that he's been trying to explain to me the whole time we've been dating. For Valentine's day I got him Jazz tickets for us to go to a game. So, he took me to Fanzz to get a Jazz shirt to wear to the game. We were talking on Sunday night, and I was telling him how much I love flowers and how pretty they are. And he said, "Wouldn't you rather get a shirt you can wear instead of flowers that just die in a few days?" That is when I realized, getting yummy chocolates and shirts and things you can keep and eat, and things that don't die, are much BETTER than flowers. There, I said it. Thanks babe!
P.S. I still love flowers! But, I love chocolates even MORE!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy valentines day!

Brad and I had a great Valentines weekend! Since it was on Sunday, we celebrated it on Saturday. We figured it would be very busy going to dinner Saturday night, so we went to lunch! We went to this great place called The Smoking Apple. It is so good! I would highly recommend it! I got Brad tickets to a Jazz game so we went to Fanzz and he got me a shirt to wear to the game! I am very excited! Then on Sunday, we just spent the day together and it was GREAT!!! Sorry, I forgot to take pictures. I have been horrible at that lately! I'll post some of the Jazz game! That is if I remember to take pictures! :)