Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our first Christmas being married!

As most of you know, Brad's most favorite holiday is Christmas. He told me this when we first started dating and I didn't really think anything of it. After our first Christmas together, I quickly realized how much he really did love it and I love that he loves it so much! He makes Christmas so much fun because he's like a little kid. It is especially fun now that we are married and we get to decorate our little home and buy Christmas things for our home. Yes, we put our Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving, but it's fun to celebrate it for more that just a month. I love his love for Christmas and how much fun we've been having! Let that holiday's begin!I love this picture, my parents gave one to all of us two Christmas's ago. It's Santa picking up baby Jesus.
This is a decoration Brad inherited from his parents
Our room!
I love our jingle Santa!
Our Santa corner

Our cute little train
The Muppet's!!!

Our very first Christmas tree!!!